Eisstock Showcase (Eisstockschiessen), Canberra, 19.07.2015


Quite early morning and the guys are already full in action!

- 2015 Jul 19 08:11:45

My first attempt after 30 years.

Surprisingly, I managed to throw the Eisstock roughly in the right direction.

Now it's Mirjam's turn. Looks good.

Good shot.

And another one.

Probably not too bad after 30 years. Beginner's luck.

It's the turn for the youngsters. They are really professional!

That's a good shot.


Another perfect shot.
Eisstock Showcase (Eisstockschiessen), Canberra, 19.07.2015
After 30 years another opportunity to go for eisstockschiessen. Awesome.
Thanks to Mirjam and Heather for taking some pictures for me.
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