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Curriculum Vitae

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Personal Data

Name: Bernhard Seiwald Bernhard Seiwald
Date of birth: Once upon a time...
Birthplace: Salzburg
Citizenship: Austria
Former Work Address: Plasma Research Laboratory
Research School of Physical Sciences and Engineering
Oliphant Buidling 60, Mills Road
The Australian National University


Plasma physics
Scientific programming
Computational physics
Optimization of complex problems
Parallel Programming
New energy systems focused on fusion technology
Nonlinear Dynamics - Chaos Theory
Writing project proposals


Sep.2007 PhD at the
Plasma Physics Division,
Institut für Theoretische Physik - Computational Physics,
Technical University of Graz
PhD: On Magnetic Fields and MHD-Equilibria in Stellarators
Subject matter: Post-processing of MHD equilibrium data,
Optimization of stellarators with respect to neoclassical transport in real space coordinates
Supervisors: Prof. Martin Heyn, Ass. Prof. Winfried Kernbichler (TU Graz)
Some pictures from my graduation, Oct. 2007
Oct.97 - Jul.99
Diploma in Astronomy at the
Karl-Franzens University of Graz
Master Theses: Global Modeling for Sunspot Numbers
Supervisors: Prof. Christophe Letellier (Universite de Rouen), Prof. Arnold Hanslmeier (KF UNI Graz)
Oct.86 - Aug.98 Diploma in Technical Physics at the
Institute for Solid State Physics, Technical University of Graz
Master Theses: Monte-Carlo Simulation von Flugzeitspektren in einem TOF-REMPI
Supervisor: Prof. Adolf Winkler (TU Graz)
Jan.86 - Aug.86 Military Service
1977 - 1985 High School Diploma from Naturwissenschaftlichen Bundesrealgymnasium Hallein

Additional Skills / Further Education Courses

Jun. 2009 Project Management Based on the Methodology of the System Engineering Concept
May 2009 Financial Management of Funded R&D-Projects
May 2009 Leading, Delegating, Motivating
May 2009 EU-Projects Applying and Realizing
Apr. 2009 Introduction into Business Planning for Scientists
Apr. 2009 Basics in Effective Time Management
Sep.-Nov. 2008 Economy Competence Training for Academics.
Specializations: Financial Management, Marketing


4. Jun. 2002 Christian-Doppler-Preis 2001 of Salzburg

Foreign Languages


Further Interests

Renewable Energy
Energy System Modeling


satisfying my curiosity about everything
riding my pushbike (if time allows...)
traveling to foreign countries

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